Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life in Qatar

A few days ago, it felt rather pleasant outside, so we went out for a game of soccer in the backyard ... followed by a bike ride around the neighborhood.  I couldn't believe how long we lasted outside!  I was curious to know the temperature, so I checked online and it was a balmy 104F!  Really??!!!  This is what pleasant feels like??!!!  Clearly, we've spent a summer in the middle east if 104F feels pleasant!!!

Last Thursday, Ken and I arranged for a babysitter and went out exploring a bit.  First we wandered around the Pearl ... a high end community with a boardwalk ... yachts in the water, hotels and apartments above fancy restaurants and even fancier shops. The only store I recognized was Ferrari and Mazarati - clearly NOT stores we can shop in!  Then we checked out the Souk Waqif - a fun outdoor market area with local wares and restaurants.  We had dinner in an Iraqi Restaurant ... good food - typical middle eastern food with hummous, baba ganouj, flat bread and various grilled meats on a stick. 

Here are some of the yachts docked at the Pearl...

The Zig Zag towers, near the Pearl.  Crazy architecture!

Downtown Doha ... I'll have to find a better angle near the Corniche (fancy street by the water).

This is the Iraqi restaurant where we ate - it was prettier than the picture indicates.  Screens (like the one leaning against the column) are used to give Muslim women privacy while they eat.  They have to remove their Abaya that covers their face in order to eat, but it would be inappropriate for the public to see their face, so the screens are put up for their privacy.

I'm going to have to find out what this building is - it was very pretty all lit up at night.



Then on Saturday, Jaden had his Kindergarten assessment at the American School.  Praise the Lord, we got his official acceptance letter from the school today!!!  Apparently there is a waiting list up the wazzoo for the school, but students from their corporate sponsers (thank you ExxonMobil) get moved to the top of the list.  Since submitting his application back in ~Feb, we've been told there is no guarantee of placement.  I was starting to get nervous with the start of school looming just around the corner!!!  A huge sigh of relief after receiving the official acceptance today!!  I was ill prepared to homeschool!!

After his assessment on Saturday, we took the boys bowling.  It was a huge bowling alley with 32 lanes.  When I tried to order some lunch,  I was told I couldn't take any of the Filipino food out to the lanes.  (The restaurant was separate from where the lanes were, but you could take food to your lanes ... well, anything except the Filipino food).  Of course I had to ask why and the server very politely explained that Qatari people don't like the smell of Filipino food and therefore it can't be taken out to the lanes.  Wow!  It's a huge bowling alley, Qatari people must have exceptionally sensitive noses!! 

Brotherly love at the bowling alley.
Jaden got a strike!
Nicholas in action!!  We had to be VERY patient as his ball slowly meandered down the lane.  :-)


  1. Hi y'all! Love reading about your adventures in Qatar! Say "Hi" to the boys from Andrew. I think reading about Jaden and Nicholas has helped Andrew with our move. We moved to Cold Lake last week! Thanks for blogging!

  2. Thanks Tricia!! Let us know when you join the blogging world so we can follow your adventures in Cold Lake! The weather will certainly be the opposite extreme as we have here, but I pray you find the community to be as supportive and helpful as we have here!!