Sunday, April 29, 2012

~6 weeks to go

It was nice having Ken home for a few days, but he left again this morning for a leadership training course in North Carolina.  It's kind of pathetic to get excited when your husband is only 1 time zone away, but such is life!!  Call me crazy, but it's nice to be able to pick up the phone just about any time we want and talk!!

While Ken was home, we put together a very long (and rather daunting) to do list.  There are so many little things we have to take care of!  Gratefully, ExxonMobil handles a lot of the big ticket items for us, so it's not so bad.  We should have plenty of time to get it all done ... but I still have the occasional anxiety attack when I look at the list!  Usually the anxiety attacks occur at night when I'm trying to go to sleep.  :-( 

We hope to have our packing and departure dates finalized this week, but it's still looking like early June.  Our last day in Houston may be June 3 and then a few days in St. Louis before we fly to Doha. 

Not much else to report ... we enjoyed a wonderful dedication celebration at church this morning!  We recently completed the construction of a new fellowship hall as well as some fairly extensive remodeling to the existing building.  It is awesome to see God grow His church!!  What a blesssing it has been to be members of Faith Community Church!!!  We love our church family and will miss them all terribly when we move!!

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