Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Japan and Easter Pictures

I finally got all my pictures from our Tokyo trip downloaded onto the computer, uploaded to Snapfish, and organized into an album so I can share with everyone.  I hope this link works... you may need to register or log in to your account with Snapfish in order to see it.  Enjoy!!

It was really nice to have Ken home for Easter weekend!  We were able to spend a lot of family time together and even got a little bit done toward the move.  More on that later... 

Ready for the Easter egg hunt in the backyard!  Don't all children collect easter eggs in their astronaut costumes?  And wear their baskets on their heads??  Silly boys!!!  This is very normal in our house - old Halloween costumes are some of the boys very favorite toys!  If they aren't dressed as astronauts, then they are Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, or Sheriffs.  Sometimes it's a little ridiculous, but they are so cute, who can say no??  I digress, it's Easter egg time ...

Too many eggs to fit in their baskets!  The boys had a great time collecting the eggs and opening them all up!  Nicholas must have eaten a dozen pieces of candy before we realized it, but not Jaden ... he's our saver.  I asked him if he wanted any of his candy and he said, "No, I want to save it for 'later.'"  Really??? 

Now for a quick update on the move ... the key for this week is to get all the documents together to apply for Ken's work visa.  We need the work visa before we can list our house for sale and before we can secure a place to live in Doha or register the boys for school.  So we've applied for the boys passports and we have doctor appointments for everyone to get medical clearance.  Ken leaves on Sunday for Tokyo, but he will only be gone 1 1/2 weeks this time.  Yeah!  Other than that, the sorting and purging of the house continues!  Still looking like an early June departure. 

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  1. Thanks for doing this Laura. I will follow...Love reading it but must admit it makes me sad. Two reasons 1) We will miss your family and sweet boys...I caught Nicholas' eye at church on Sunday and he gave be a big smile. Still won't talk to me at church but he know who I am! 2)I must admit after living in the same house for 7 years (having moved almost every year for 14 years) I have a itch to move and an adventure. Not just a new house but a new location. So I will be living through you a a healthy way. We love you guys.