Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ken has officially moved!

Ken officially moved to Doha today (on paper anyway). 

It was surreal watching him pack up yesterday.  He filled a suitcase full of his clothes and that was it.  I filled another suitcase with some of my clothes and some of the boys' clothes and a few toys.  Might as well send a few extra things along with him!  He will be moving into our new (furnished) townhouse when he arrives.  Jaden kept asking when we get to move.  They are both really excited about our new house and their new schools!!  I'm so glad they don't seem the least bit scared or concerned!

Ken will be back for Memorial Day weekend when we head to San Antonio with our friends and then the packers come May 30 - June 1.  We plan to head to St. Louis on Monday, June 4.  Not sure how long we will get to visit before taking off to Doha.  Flights still haven't been booked.  It's crazy to me that we only have a few weeks left!!! 

And I'm glad I was able to make it to St. Louis this past weekend to do some shopping with my mom, my aunt, and my cousins!  We had a great ladies weekend at the outlet malls in Osage Beach!  I spent entirely too much money, but I got lots of fun new clothes for Doha!  There is a whole team of people to thank for making it happen!  My friend Sarah spent the night with the boys Thursday night and got them up and ready for school Friday morning.  Nicholas is completely enamored with Sarah!  So cute to see a 3 year old in love!!!  He was looking forward to Sarah's sleepover for weeks!!!  And then my friend Nancy took them to school and brought them home.  My mother in law and father in law watched them in the afternoon until Ken flew home from North Carolina.  It takes a village doesn't it?!

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