Friday, January 16, 2015

Old post - Christmas festivities

Just found these pictures on my iphone... back in early December, our church held a big Christmas dinner and part of the program for the evening was a nativity reenactment by the children.  Jaden and Nicholas played the parts of shepherds.
Cutest little shepherds ever!
On stage with Mary and Joseph at the stable
 For the boys Christmas parties at school, Jaden had an ALL DAY party!  The 2nd grade teachers organize different crafts and activities in each classroom.  Jaden's class hosted the cupcake decorating station.  Unfortunately I was so busy helping kids with the cupcakes, I forgot to take any pictures.  They had fun ... :-)

For Nicholas' class, his teacher has a tradition of making Santa pancakes using strawberries and whip cream.  Kids had fun decorating and eating their pancakes. 
Nicholas with his Santa pancake
 After the pancakes, we did my traditional book exchange.  Every child brings a book and we play a game to exchange them so every child goes home with a new book for Christmas.
Nicholas reading his new book with friends Jaydon and Emile (his two best buds in his class)

Another mom made these adorable treats for the kids to take home...

Nicholas' class also performed for the morning assembly in front of all of lower elementary...


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