Friday, January 16, 2015

Jaden's 8th Birthday

Happy 8th birthday to our dear sweet Jaden!  Where have the years gone?  I can't believe what a wonderful little man he is growing into!!!  What a privilege it is to be his mother!!

My mom and nephew Dakota were still here on Jaden's actual birthday.  We took chocolate chip cookies to his class and Dakota got a tour of his school.  Dakota was impressed that the elementary school had it's own swimming pool!  :-)

Selfie with Jaden on his birthday

Jaden's class

Andres was busy writing his sign "class clown" during the first picture, so we had to take a second.  He really is the class clown! 

For dinner that evening, we ended up with some unplanned, but most welcomed guests.  My friend needed a last minute sitter for her 3 little ones and Jaden was super excited to get to babysit them.  His friend Skyler ended up sticking around for dinner as well, so we had a full house for dinner!  It was super fun!!
Jaden was more excited than I expected over his kindle.  He now reads in the middle of the night when he can't sleep.  Maybe the kindle was a bad idea.  (And the baby in my arms is my friend's littlest one ... don't get any ideas!)
The Saturday following his birthday Jaden had his party.  He wanted something small at a fancy restaurant.  So we invited the families of his 2 best friends to have lunch with us at 360 in the Torch Tower.  The restaurant is on the 47th floor of the Torch and slowly revolves 360 degrees so you can see every inch of the city.  Neither of his friends had ever been there, so it was quite a treat for everyone! 
Jaden and his friends at 360

Being silly with friends Vivian, Savannah, Ben, George, & Ben

Not sure what inspired this one!

Every outing to a fancy restaurant should include a shoulder sit, right??  No clue what was going on at this point, but this is likely the reason this restaurant does not allow children during dinner.  :-)

Jaden's best friends - the Guidrys (Ben, Savannah, and Vivian) and the Princes (George, Ben, Henry, Sam, Jack and baby Pearl not in the picture, but in my arms earlier in this post)
Silly faces!

After lunch we invited everyone back to our house for ice cream cake and to stay and play.  It was a perfect birthday!  Ken and I had just as much fun visiting with his friends parents as Jaden had with his friend.  I love it when the entire families connect!!!

Ice cream cake
Happy 8th Birthday!!

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