Monday, January 12, 2015

Austrian Vacation

Pictures from Austria ...

It was dark by the time we arrived at our hotel in Austria, but we woke up to a wonderful surprise - it was snowing!!!  Not a lot, but flurries with a dusting of snow on everything...

The view from our hotel room ... everything look magical with a fresh layer of snow...

Mini snow man on our balcony
Nicholas woke up with a fever and all congested, so we decided to postpone ski school by one day and enjoy a lazy first day in Austria.
View of the slope from outside our hotel ... walking distance to the lift!
Hotel Lisa

Snowball fight is ON! 

Look out!

Snow was pretty dry but we managed to build a small snowman
Nicholas still wasn't feeling well the following day, so Jaden went to ski school and Ken hit the slopes.  There wasn't a lot of snow, so not the greatest skiing for Ken.  Nicholas and I watched Jaden at ski school and hung out in the lodge drinking hot chocolate, playing Uno, and making up lyrics to the songs the live band was singing in Dutch.  I was shocked that Nicholas didn't seem to care about missing out on skiing ... clearly he wasn't feeling well!!
Ready for ski school

First time on skis in 2 years so Jaden started with the beginner ski school (barely even a slope!)
Jaden's ski school class
Alpine roller coaster right next door to ski school location

Nicholas rides the alpine roller coaster while Jaden is in ski school
Crossing the finish line
"My checks are cold"

feeling better
time for some sledding!  (there wasn't much snow, so it got pretty bumpy in a few places)

 A beautiful day!

Mini snow men were melting on the balcony ... where is the snow this year??
We were shocked by the lack of snow this year!!!

Passed this castle on our way to Salzburg

Our last day in Austria was spent in Salzburg ... shopping in a Christmas market and visiting a castle.  When you live in a Muslim country, visiting a Christmas market is a really big deal!!!  Of course it's hot where we live in December so it's already hard to get in the Christmas spirit, but add in the fact that you don't see Christmas decorations around town or hear Christmas music on the radio and it's REALLY hard to get in the Christmas spirit in Doha!!! I could smell the fresh cut pine trees a block away and immediately I started to smile and float toward the Christmas market in the old town square!!! 
Salzburg Christmas market
View of the cathedral from the Christmas market
Another view of the Christmas market ... starting to get crowded!
View of the castle from the Christmas market ... this is the castle we toured.
 When the boys got cold, we went inside the cathedral to warm up...
Beautiful dome and ceilings inside the cathedral

Close up of the dome

Pointing out different pictures and stories on the ceiling
Beautiful Christmas tree at the front of the cathedral
Boys were tired of shopping by the time we left the Christmas market and were acting silly ... or maybe it was all the sugar and sweets they ate at the market?  Nothing like a lunch of cotton candy, hot chocolate, and soft pretzels!

Trying to get a picture of these two is nearly impossible anymore!!!

but we keep trying

and trying

and trying

and trying

until we finally give up!

View of Salzburg from the castle
Merry Christmas from the Doans!!

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