Monday, January 20, 2014

Saying goodbye ... or until Vietnam?

We had to say good bye to Ken's parents weekend.  We were all very sad to see them leave.  They plan to head to Vietnam in February and stay for a year (or more) if they can.  We're hoping that maybe we can spend next winter break with them in Vietnam.  It would be my first trip and of course the first time for the boys, so we hope it works out!!

We had a wonderful time while Ken's parents were here visiting.  I think our favorite memories were listening to their stories of their childhood in Vietnam and all the circumstances leading up to their escape in 1978.  I really need to write down all their stories so we don't forget them.  They have had an amazing life and we are most grateful and proud of all the sacrifices they have made for their family over the years!! 

But before they left, we took them to Souk Waqif ... an outdoor market and my personal favorite place to visit in Doha.  They really enjoyed trying food from Syria and some local street food (similar to a crepe), but I didn't expect them to get into the shopping so much!!  They even convinced me to buy some handmade sandals that are really very unique... I never would have bought them if it weren't for Mrs. Doan, but I'm really glad I did.  I'll have to model them after it warms up a bit!  But the big hit of the market was the perfume!!!  I had never explored the perfume section of the market before ... I think I was a little intimidated, but not Mrs. Doan.  She went into several shops, smelled all the various oils and bought, bought, bought!!  She was so proud of her deals ... a vial of Coco Chanel for only 10 QR (about $2.75)!  I felt terrible when I explained it was fake ... just an imitation of the most popular fragrances!  She thought she got a great deal on the real thing!  We laughed, but she didn't care, she still went back the next day to buy more!!!  I found a local fragrance that I really liked and bought a vial for myself.  I wish I understood the name of it!!

We also took Ken's parents to have tea at the Ritz.  Mrs. Doan loved the decadent atmosphere and the tea and pastries were delicious too!  The scones were everyone's favorites!!

Tea at the Ritz (Nicholas was not interested in taking a picture)

I just love the fancy china and the 3 tiered trays of goodies at the Ritz!!

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