Monday, January 20, 2014

Jaden turned 7 ... what?!!!

I really struggled with Jaden's birthday this year.  I don't know why 7 was so rough, but I'm still in shock that I have a 5 and 7 year old!!!  How did that happen?  Time goes so fast!!!  I tried to make Jaden and Nicholas promise me that they would stop growing up, but they just laughed at me.  Seven seems so "big" to me.  He's not an infant or toddler ... not a pre-schooler or even a kindergartener ... he's just a "big kid."  I'm a mom to a "big kid."  Wow!! 

But what a blessing he is!!  I can't say enough wonderful things about my children ... I adore everything about them!!  Even the parts that are hard to love, I love!  Jaden has the biggest heart ... so gentle and loving and sweet natured.  He is an amazing big brother always looking out for Nicholas and helping him.  He loves to try new things and he has the most amazing little dimples when he smiles! 

Ken's parents were here for Jaden's actual birthday and they brought tons of presents!!!  It was a combination of Christmas and birthday presents for both boys, but we waited and opened them all on Jaden's birthday.  It was a great treat for them both!!

New baseball bats for the boys to practice their swing ... look out mom!!!

Nerf guns to battle each other ... I remember when they were little and I was so "anti weapon."  Clearly that didn't last ... we have entirely too many swords, knives, and guns!!  But the boys always want more!!  I have to admit, even I enjoyed playing with these Nerf guns.  Next time we might have to get 4 so we can have a family battle!  :-)
We planned to have Jaden's birthday party at this giant park by our house, but it was gray and overcast and starting to drizzle so we made a last minute change and had everyone come over to our compound.  We used a large empty room that opened up to a small covered playground.  We had about 20 kids and they all seemed to have a lot of fun.  They went crazy with pool noodle swords (left over from Nicholas' ninja party) and Ken got pretty anxious ... afraid someone would get hurt.  But they all settled down after some pizza and cake and they enjoyed a game of soccer.  It was too bad we didn't have more space, but we had a great time!
Enjoying pizza and cupcakes with friends

Happy birthday dear Jaden! (we sang in English and then Nicholas led us in Arabic too!)
This was by far the most casual and relaxed party I've thrown.  Since it was supposed to be at the playground, I didn't prepare any kind of party game or entertainment.  And since it was supposed to be at the park, we didn't want flies all over the cake, so I didn't make an elaborate cake for the party either ... just cupcakes!  Easy peasy!!  Might have to be our new tradition!  :-)

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