Friday, January 10, 2014

Sand Skiing

We had such a great time last weekend sand skiing with our friends the Bondurants.  I love this family!!  Every Saturday, nearly all year long, they invite people to join them as they play in the sand - either the beach during the hot months or the desert dunes in the cooler months.  This was our first adventure with them in the desert and it was a blast!  I think there were nearly 30 of us that gathered together, grilled up lunch, and played in the sun and sand.  They hooked up their knee boards to the truck and pulled peopled up and down the dunes.  Then we climbed the tallest dune with the kneeboards and slid down the dune like sledding only in the sand.  SO MUCH FUN!!! 

And don't you know Jaden and Mr. Doan were the first of our family to try it out!!! 
Setting up camp at the top of the dune.  Those 2 dots on the left are Mr. and Mrs. Doan who wasted no time climbing up the dune!
We finally caught up with them at the top! 

It was a lovely day, just a bit windy!

Jaden and Mr. Doan ready to go!
Looking good for 6 and 76!

Jaden calls stop!

Time for the ladies!  Me, Alicia, and Lisa.
I actually stood up on the knee board for a good 5 minutes (I'm sure I'm not exaggerating!) but no one captured a picture ... convenient!  Of course when Lisa, Alicia, and I all tried to stand together we wiped out and there were plenty of pictures of the crash!!  :-)  All in good fun, all in good fun.  What a blast!

Base camp preparing for lunch
Lunch break

Visiting with friends.  And that would be the potty tent in the background.  Quite literally a bucket inside a tent, but when you gotta go, you gotta go, and it was nice to have.
Round 2 - ready to do some sledding!

Group at the top of the dune ready to come down.  From the left, it's Ken, Nicholas, me, and Jaden.

Ken and Jaden zoom down
For some reason Nicholas is timid to try a lot of these activities.  We couldn't get him to be pulled by the truck and he DID NOT want to slide down the hill either.  I had to kind of trick him down keeping him distracted by watching everyone else.  We were definitely the slowest descent, but I got him down.
My turn with Jaden.  Although he preferred going with Ken - apparently I went too slow!

Ken got Nicholas down a second time.

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