Friday, August 16, 2013

What a summer!

Where do I begin?  We had a fantastic summer visiting friends and family this summer!  It went by so quickly!!  I thought I'd do a better job keeping up with my blog, but that didn't really happen and now I have SO MANY pictures and stories to share, I'm not really sure where to begin!!

I'll do my best to keep it brief and only share the highlights...

The boys did awesome on the 16hr plane ride from Doha direct to Houston.  We stayed with Ken's parents in Houston and the boys loved catching up with their cousins Tiffany and Alex.  Unfortunately we also had to spend a lot of time in doctor's offices - I underestimated how much time that would take ... between primary care, dentists, optometrists, dermatologists, lab work, follow-ups, specialists, etc, etc etc ... we had 23 doctor appointments!!  It wasn't much fun, but we're all healthy and well ... the boys are still too small (especially Nicholas), but otherwise, we're all doing well.

We did squeeze in some fun things in between all the doctor visits ...

Tiffany did awesome in her dance recital! 
I think Nicholas is smiling in his sleep here ...
we couldn't rouse Jaden to get in the picture. 
Jet lag is rough when you're only 4 and 6!!
 We spent one Saturday with our dear friends the Carneys.  It was a beautiful day at their grandparents house.  We had a blast on the bayou ... the kayak, the rope swing, the jet ski, the boat, and water skiing.  It was my first time to ever try to waterski and I must say -- I LOVED IT!!!  Ryan was a great teacher and I got up on my very first try!!!  Next time I want to tackle jumping over the wakes.  I was too nervous to try this time. 

John, Nicholas, Jaden and Evelyn on the kayak

Jaden learning to waterski:

Nicholas on the jet ski
 The Carney's also introduced us to Sky High ... an indoor trampoline park.  The kids loved to jump around!  The foam pit and the dodge ball areas were by far the favorites!!!  So much fun!!

ready for some dodge ball with John
in line to jump into the foam pits with Caroline

piggy back rides with Evelyn and John

best buddies!
 We had to take the boys back to one of their favorites Houston spots - Space Center Houston!  They have made quite a few improvements since last year...the exhibits were a ton of fun!  We also had lunch with a real live astronaut!!  The boys thought it was so cool!!  Ken and I enjoyed it too!


Lunch with an Astronaut
 The Houston Children's Museum is close to the Medical Center, so we snuck in a visit before one of Nicholas' appointments...

Houston Children's Museum
Nicholas driving

fighting over the fish

Jaden caught his brother

They LOVED the magnets!

fancy puzzles
 After nearly 2 weeks, the boys desperately missed going to the pool, so I took them to the indoor pool in Angleton ... we love the water slides and sprayers and the little lazy river.  Plus it's indoors, so no sunscreen!  Yeah!!

Our last day in Houston was the first day of Vacation Bible School at our church.  The boys had such a good time with their friends and we hated that we couldn't stay for the entire week. 
With Abby and Annabelle at VBS

Driving the go carts at It's Pizza after VBS

Nicholas was so proud to get a prize from one of those claw machines!!

Looking back through our pictures, I realize that I was a terrible photographer this summer!  Shame on me!!!  No pictures with Ken's parents or of all the cousins together.  We also enjoyed several nights out with Erik and Meg, our old neighbors, our church friends, so many other memories not captured on film.  We are truly blessed to have so many friends and family to visit with on our summers!!  The hospitality was so very appreciated!!  We love and miss you all!!

 I'll post again soon with pictures from the St. Louis portion of our summer...

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