Friday, August 30, 2013

Naked Nicholas

Nicholas is going through a bit of an exhibitionist phase.  The second we come inside, he rips off all his clothes and remains naked until we have to leave or someone comes over.  I'm totally okay with the phase, but Ken is having a hard time.  I find it both amusing and disturbing ... amusing that he likes being naked so much, disturbing that he is SO DARN SKINNY!!!!  How do I get this boy to eat more??!!!  Here are the future blackmail pictures ...

Who needs to eat more?  I DO!!! 
You can see why the doctors have diagnosed him as failure to thrive! 
Poor kid looks malnourished!  You can see every rib!!!  He's just skin and bones!!!  :-(

silly bunny ears

Naked or not, they sure are cute!!!

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