Saturday, August 24, 2013

Day at the beach

We had an awesome day at Al-Thakira beach yesterday with Frank and Jana Bondurant, Bill Ford, and Hoe Seng, Eun Mi, Janice, and Joseph Oii!!  Frank brought his boat and all their water toys - Jana taught us all how to knee board, then we took turns on the chariot raft.  It was RIDICULOUSLY fun until our raft flipped over!!  Always an adventure!! 

The boys freaked out when we flipped, but they calmed down once we got back up in the boat.  They were in shock for a few minutes, but recovered just fine.  I can't wait to go again, but I wonder if they will ever do it again??  They kept saying "it's just like the bouncy castle at Sea Line!!"  (The bouncy castle at the Sea Line Resort wasn't tied down and the wind picked it up and turned it over, dumping the kids on the ground and trapping them underneath.  Nicholas had a sprained hamstring and Jaden had a mild concussion.)  The good thing about flipping over in the water - no injuries!!!  We lost sunglasses and goggles, but no one was hurt!! 

Jaden - looking cool on the kneeboard
He loved going knee boarding!
Jaden loved knee boarding, but we couldn't convince Nicholas to try - he's a great swimmer, but he doesn't like salt water.  He didn't want salt water to splash up in his face.  Maybe next time.
After water skiing for the first time this summer, knee boarding was a breeze!!!  I loved going back and forth over the wake even thought it took some effort the first few times!
Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks? 
Janice (age 9), Joseph and Jaden (both age 6), and I all went knee boarding without any trouble.  Ken gets up and flies off the knee board!!  Glad he went after the kids or Jaden might have been too scared to try!!  In his defense, he was trying to catch air going over the wake. He caught air all right, but only him - not the board!!  :-)
After flying off the knee board, he got back up and kept on going... that's my baby!
We took a break after knee boarding to grill some lunch on the beach and then we took turns on the chariot raft...
Jaden and Nicholas with Janice and Joseph on the Chariot raft
Kids were loving the ride!
Oii family - Hoe Seng, Eun Mi, Janice, and Joseph
Next up - the Doans

We were flying!  Jumping over the wakes, flying up out of the raft and bouncing around like crazy! 
We were all having a blast!
This was taken right before we flipped over ...
Bill Ford trying to get up on the air chair - only for very advanced water skiers

Frank on the air chair!  Never seen anything quite like it! 
You strap yourself onto the seat and the thing can fly!!! 
The entire counterweight is up out of the water!! 

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