Thursday, October 29, 2015

Al Zubarah Adventure

The kids didn't have school today (teacher workday) so we gathered up some friends and went on a cross country adventure!!!  We loaded up the car and took off for Al Zubarah, Qatar, in the northwest corner of the country.  It took an hour to get there.  We toured a fort and learned a bit about the history of Qatar.  Then we tried to tour the archeological dig site just outside the fort, but apparently it was closed??  The sign said it was open, but the gate was clearly all locked up and we couldn't find anyone to help us.  So we decided to set off for a beach to have a picnic lunch.  Unfortunately there was a fence blocking the immediate beach access, so we drove a bit farther north to Al Ruwais, Qatar ... thinking we would find a beach somewhere on the tip of the Qatar Peninsula.  Unfortunately that part of Qatar has a really long tidal zone where the beach extends FOREVER before you finally get to any water!!!  We found a park to each lunch and set out to touch the water.  It seemed like you could walk all the way to Iran it was so flat for so long!  We finally made it to the water and then headed back.  It was a fun day in the sun!  We'll have to do it again, but next time, we'll have to go to one of the beaches that are easier to access.  :-) 

Climbing the sloped sign upon arrival

Liam, Ben, Jaden, Savannah, Nicholas, and Vivian at Al Zubarah Fort

Jaden succeeds in climbing the sign.  Al Zubarah Fort is a UNESCO Heritage Site

In front of the cannon

Entering the fort

part of the exhibit .. Jaden and Savannah behind bars

And the family clowns ... Nicholas and Vivian

Boys in front of the fort

Photo op with camels

A great day with the kids!  And a great picture too!!!
 Next stop ... beach:

view of "beach" from the park where we had lunch ... clearly low tide!
Off we go, in search of water at the beach

beached dhow off the coast

Looking back at the park where we started.  We still hadn't reached water at this point.

We finally found some water!  And look how shallow it still is!!  I really think you could walk to Iran or Bahrain from here!!  Shallow as far as the eye can see!!!  Water temp was great though!  A lovely day in the sun!!
Savannah found some great sea shells!!!


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