Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Nicholas Update - Evolution Soccer and KG Concert

The boys have been enjoying soccer so much this year that we signed them up for year round soccer at Evolution.  Unfortunately Jaden's age group was full, so it's only Nicholas for now. 

I was so very proud of Nicholas on his first day in his new soccer group.  He used to be so shy and timid, but his KG teacher has done an AMAZING job at building his confidence this year!  Nicholas walked right into this group of boys where he didn't know anyone with his head held high and jumped right in to the practice.  He did great!!!  He may not be the most aggressive little boy, but he has great foot work.  We look forward to his future in soccer!
Nicholas' new soccer group at Evolution
Last weekend, Evolution organized a tournament of sorts.  It was very well organized and a lot of fun for the kids.  Nicholas and his friend Garrett (who joined his class right before the tournament) were on the same team and they finished second overall.  Way to go Nicholas and Garrett!!!
The ridiculous thing about the tournament were the trophies.  Now we can debate the whole "every child gets a trophy" all you like, but not only does every child come home with a trophy at the end of the tournament, but WE HAD TO PROVIDE THE TROPHY!!!!  For the amount of money we pay to be part of this soccer league, I couldn't believe we had to supply our own trophy!!!  What does it even mean to make your own trophy!!!  I could line our shelves with hundreds of trophies if I wanted to make our own!!  Crazy!!! 
Nicholas with his homemade trophy ... a team effort.  Jaden designed it, Nicholas wrapped the boxes with foil and colored it.  I drew the soccer dude on top.  Ken donated the soccer ball to use on top (it's one of his fooz balls).
Not only did Nicholas and Garrett win second place over all, Nicholas also took 3rd place in the trophy competition.  They actually gave medals to the top three trophy winners ... winner of the tournament didn't get anything (except the trophy they made themselves).

Nicholas with his friend Garrett ... second place overall.  Way to go boys!

Nicholas is nearly finished with kindergarten ... only two weeks left!  Yikes!!  His school had the KG year end concert last week, celebrating community helpers.  Nicholas' class were the dentists.  They wore dads white button up shirts at lab coats and wore paper head lamps.  Super cute. 

Nicholas in the front row with the class of dentists

The school video is much better quality than the ones I took.  The link takes you to the school video, the Dentists (Nicholas' class) are the second group after the opening number.  They all did fabulous -- first time on the highschool stage!

ASD Kindergarten "Friendly Neighborhood Helpers"

My videos ...
Proud little Nicholas with his friend Jaydon after the concert

Happy dentist ready to head home
 After the concert, we went out to lunch with friends, came home and Nicholas crashed on the couch.  It was clearly an exciting and exhausting day!
Crashed out on the couch after a long and successful day!

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