Monday, May 25, 2015

Japan - Disney

On day 3 of our Japanese adventure, Ken had to go to work, so I took the boys to Tokyo Disney!  It was their first time to go to a Disney theme park and we had a blast!!!  Of course I was expecting it to be half empty on a random Monday in May, but that was NOT the case!!!  Why weren't those kids at school??  Even with the lines and crowds we had a great time!  And we made use of the fastpass as much as possible!

A picture of Yokohama from the bus taking us to Disney.  If you look closely to the left of the tallest tower you can see Mt Fuji.  Unfortunately due to overcast weather the rest of our trip, this was our only Mt Fuji sighting--taken from the bus on the Yokohama bridge!  :-)
Welcome to Tokyo Disney
After checking out the castle, the boys wanted to go straight to Space Mountain.  We got our fast pass time and went to ride something else while we waited.  I'm so glad I didn't know what to expect or how to prep them for the ride.  I had no clue it was an indoor rollercoaster in complete darkness except for the stars.  They would have worked themselves up to being afraid if we knew what we were getting into!  But this way was a complete surprise and an absolute blast!  They still talk about how much fun it was!!! 

After space mountain, we rode some smaller rides ... including It's a Small World.  Nicholas remembered singing that song for his year end concert in nursery school and had no idea it was a Disney song!  Then we hit the water area ... they couldn't wait to paddle the canoes and take the raft to Tom Sawyer Island to explore.  They had a blast!!!

Excited to get their paddles for the canoe

Jaden thought canoeing was AWESOME!!
Tree house on Tom Sawyer island (can you see their little faces in the window?)
They loved the floating barrel bridge!!

And the suspension bridge
 Do all kids like maps as much as ours??  They were so excited to have a map of the island play area and another map of the entire theme park.  They check them constantly too!!

Of course I was LOVING all the Easter and springtime decorations still everywhere in the park.  You miss out on all the Christian holiday festivities when you live in a Muslim desert.  The Easter decorations were all so cute!!!  We especially loved the daytime parade -- bunnies, eggs, flowers, color, all things Easter/spring!  It was fantastic!!

Ice cream break.  Everything is shaped like Mickey Mouse!  They had Mickey Mouse shaped pizza for lunch too!
 We continued riding lots of rides until they got tired and wanted to head home.  We didn't make it to Thunder Mountain, but by the time they were tired it was almost time for the night time parade of lights.  So we grabbed a bite to eat and found a spot to enjoy the parade before taking the bus back to Yokohama.
Disney Castle at dusk
Love the flowers in the background.

Proof that I was there!
I took lots of pictures of the parades, but spared you from all but one each.  The genie was our favorite in the parade of lights. 

 All in all, it was a long but fun filled day at Disney.  I'm glad the boys were able to take it all in and enjoy Disney at just the right age! 

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