Saturday, April 4, 2015

Standstorm for Easter

We started off the Easter weekend with a giant sandstorm.  It was the worst we've seen living here ... we didn't go out and about it in, but I stole some of these pictures from facebook...
Aerial photo of storm over Saudi Arabia and Qatar

Not much visibility, but plenty of traffic

Captures the color of the orange glow that we woke up to on Thursday morning

amazing picture!

All the schools were closed on Thursday ... our first sand day!  The worst of the storm was during the night and early morning.  We woke to a very strange orange glow outside and seriously limited visibility.  Unlike snow, the sand doesn't melt, so we had some major clean up as a result of the storm.  We washed the front porch, car port, cars, and bikes all in the front, but we still have to clean the back porch and the trampoline.  No fun!  And the "sand" is really a very fine dust so it seeps in through the windows and doors ... meaning clean up required inside and out!  It wasn't much fun, but it meant a 4 day weekend (No school on Thursday, Friday and Saturday are our normal weekend days, plus no school on Sunday for Easter!)

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