Saturday, April 4, 2015


Since we didn't have school on Thursday because of the sand storm, we made bunny treat bags, resurrection rolls, and dyed Easter eggs with friends.  The treat bags turned out cute, but the resurrection rolls were an epic fail!  Wish I had taken pictures!!!  It's a simple dessert and Easter object lesson.  You start with a marshmallow (representing Jesus' body after He was crucified) and dip it in butter and cinnamon and sugar (preparing His body for burial with oil & spices), then wrap it up in a Pillsbury crescent roll (wrapping his body in linen cloth).  Then bake and when they are done and you cut into the crescent roll you will find the tomb is empty (the marshmallow melted).  We've successfully made these for many years, but this year I couldn't find the crescent rolls or large marshmallows in the grocery store.  We substituted with puff pastry dough and small flower shaped marshmallows.  Unfortunately I didn't get a good seal on the dough, so they didn't stay closed up.  They all opened up like a blanket with the marshmallows, cinnamon and sugar on top.  Then to top it off, the marshmallows didn't melt!!!  What kind of marshmallows don't melt in 375F for 30 minutes??!!!  I'm not going to let my kids eat these marshmallows again ... are they plastic??  So bizarre!!  Again, wish I had pictures.  The kids were good sports about it ... it was still fun to make!  Thankfully the egg dying was a smashing success!!
Dying Easter eggs with Henry, George, and Jack

Finished eggs ... Doans and Princes

A few of the finished eggs
 After church on Friday, we took the boys to the ExxonMobil Easter egg hunt at the clubhouse.  It was a big turnout with lots of kids and tons of smiles!
Sill picture after egg hunt
The Easter Bunny came a day early ... Easter is not a holiday for Ken, so we decided to give the kids their Easter gifts and egg hunt on Saturday morning.  We don't normally do big gifts for Easter, but they desperately needed new bikes so we decided to make them their Easter gifts.  Finally bikes their size!  We also hid eggs all around the house for them to find.  It was a fun morning!
Bikes for Easter

Happy morning

Happy kids!  Glad he slept in clothes last night!  Might have made for awkward pictures since he usually sleeps naked!  :-)

Off on an egg hunt

climbing the kitchen table to reach eggs

Climbing kitchen counter

Finding lots of eggs (Yes I still have our Christmas cards hanging on our kitchen door even though it's Easter!  We get mail so late and they make me happy to see everyone's pictures that I don't take them down right away!)

Jaden has to climb the counters to reach eggs

Going through their loot

Loves his giant chocolate egg
 After the egg hunt, they were ready to try out their new bikes...

"The new bike is so much faster!" says Jaden

Nicholas happy with his new racer
Riding with Almaza
Group shot

Silly face

Announcing "Daddy's home!" (he snuck away to get a haircut)
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