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Jordan Service Trip - House of Ruth and Goats

The House of Ruth is a Community Center located in a poor little village named Ma'in.  They offer English classes, and skill building classes so that people can have more opportunities to get a job.  There is also a Christian Church located just a few doors down the alleyway. 
Rami runs the House of Ruth and he was an amazing Christian man and pastor of a small congregation in Amman (the capital city).  He does so very much for people in need in Jordan - the local people and refugees alike.  He was an amazing role model of how Jesus would want us to love others and take care of those in need.
We spent one morning at the House of Ruth and we accomplished much.  See for yourselves...
The House of Ruth
The backyard of the House of Ruth was overgrown with weeds.  First plan of action was for all the kids to pull weeds and clean up the yard.

Working hard pulling weeds
We added this canopy to provide shade over their patio and donated and assembled all the tables and chairs to use for various functions.  We broke them in for lunch.  :-)
Speaking of lunch...we enjoyed a traditional Syrian dish of lamb on rice with a yogurt sauce to pour on top.  Delicious!! 
We also donated and assembled several small desks for their use in the English classes

Nicholas and Jaden were big helpers putting the desks together!

This Jordanian girl was excited to help with the finishing touches on her desk for her English class.

The desks were assembled just in time!  They were starting English class as we were leaving.  Their teacher, Ms Rachel was a wonderful Christian woman from Oklahoma.  She was another amazing person we were blessed to meet on this trip!!
Leaving the House of Ruth to tour the church next door...  This "road" was so narrow, our vans barely fit!  They had to reverse all the way back out as there was no place to turn around.  Glad I wasn't driving!!

Goats grazing among the crumbling ancient walls next door
Can you see the cross imprinted on the middle rock?  It's hard to see in the picture, but this ancient wall proves that this was a Christian community dating back many hundred years.
Apparently one of the goats wandered over to the House of Ruth.  The kids had fun with him.
Jaden with the goat

Nicholas and Ethan feeding the goat

Our team meets inside the current and growing Christian church in Ma'in.  The pastor spoke no English, but his remarkable story was translated for us. 

Frank (our service team leader) with the pastor of this church in Ma'in.  Two fabulous Christian men.
Praise God for the growth of this humble church.  They have been able to purchase and remodel the space next door.  The sanctuary is still under construction, but it is already stunning with stone walls and wood ceiling.  We also donated and assembled a bunch of tables and chairs for this church.
A few of Ma'in from the rooftop of the new church
Our mi$$ion team on the rooftop of the church
 Another ministry that Global Hope and the House of Ruth are involved in is the "Loan-A-Goat" program.  We were blessed to deliver 3 pairs of mother and baby goats to families while in Jordan.  The Jordanian families must agree not to sell or eat the goats they receive in this program.  But they are allowed to use or sell any milk or cheese that they get/make.  And when the time comes to reproduce, a male goat is provided and the families get to keep all the offspring.  It is a way for families in need to have even a small source of income.  After two years, the original goats are returned to the program and loaned to another family in need.

Goats ready to be delivered

Goats grazing in their new home
 At our second stop, one of the baby goats tried to get away, but Ken saved the day and nabbed the goat just in time! 
Ken scoops up the baby goat before he gets away. 

Jaden gets the honor of carrying this goat to the family's house

Sorry, but I have to include this one ... check out Nicholas' face!!!  He was one grumpy boy when Jaden got to carry the goat and not him!!!

Jaden was a nice brother and let Nicholas have a turn!

The goat was too heavy for Nicholas to carry ... almost too heavy for Jaden too!
Goats grazing in their new home

Happy to hold the goat one more time!

Feeding the baby goat
Milking the mommy goat...  :-)

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