Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jordan Service Trip - Global Hope and Syrian Refugee Camp

I finally got through all the pictures from our spring break trip and sorted out some of our favorites.  I thought I'd start with the service/mi$$ion trip pictures first ...

We started the week at the Global Hope International office in Amman, Jordan.  Here we sorted food, snacks, and clothing to be distributed to Syrian and Palestinian refugees throughout the week. 

One room was making food bags with rice, beans, lentils, and other dried goods to take to refugee families (enough food for a family for approximately 2 weeks).  That's Ken in the back...I think he was responsible for rice - very fitting for the Asian.  :-)

Another room was sorting donated clothes we brought with us from Doha to hand out to refugee families

I helped the kids in the snack room.  Making hundreds of snack bags for the refugee children.  We lost count somewhere in the 300s...

Jaden and Nicholas were the youngest members of the team, but they still helped a lot.  They were in charge of the chips.  :-)

After sorting food and clothing, we loaded up in several vans and drove out to a refugee camp just outside of the city...
Children came running when they saw our vans arrive.

Typical tent set up

Sitting inside one of the tents.  Meeting a man who was a school teacher in Syria before he escaped and now lives in this tent.
Life inside the tent...not much to keep them cool in the hot summers, warm in the cold winters, or dry when it rains.
These sweet girls on our team made hundreds of friendship bracelets to hand out to the children.  They were VERY popular!!
Jaden and Nicholas playing soccer with the children in the camp.  It was hard to play on the uneven ground and the tall weeds.
Playing soccer.
Kids lining up to get snacks.  It looked very orderly until the snacks were brought out and everyone started grabbing.  Kids are the same no matter what country, language or economic status. 
Nicholas handing out snacks
Jaden handing out snacks
Kids happy to have their snack bags.

We brought polaroid cameras to take pictures and leave them with the children and families ... a HUGE hit with kids and parents alike.  Most had to leave photos behind, so having a picture was a big deal.

Kids excited about their picture ... polaroid in hand

Lots of ladies wanted pictures with us too.

Jaden and Nicholas with Syrian kids

Jaden with Syrian kids


Refugee camp seen from the road as we were leaving

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