Sunday, November 24, 2013


We signed Jaden up for T-ball this year, but Nicholas didn't want to play.  The teams are mixed ages 4-6 years old, so they could have been on the same team.  But Nicholas didn't want to play ... for the first 2 games that is.  Game 3 and he was ready to play.  Lucky for us, Jaden's team had a few extra Tshirts and a low turnout for that particular game, so we put him in.  First time up to bat and he hit the ball through the infielders legs!  Go Nicholas!!!  Of course it's T-ball and most ball go through their legs, but we were excited for his big debut.  This week Nicholas "caught" a line drive (stopped it with his body).  Poor thing was scared to death!!!  He sat out the rest of the game!  His T-ball career maybe be short lived. 

And as for Jaden ... I'm not sure baseball is in his future.  Bless his heart, he is having fun, but the poor kid overthinks everything!  His swing is awkward, he throws like it's a shot put, and he can't catch a thing!!!  Maybe I'm too critical.  At least he can run fast and get to the ball quickly.  Of course, he spends more time with his glove over his face than anything else. 

Game 1 - let the season begin!

Jaden steps up to bat

Jaden has the ball!!!
By game 4, Jaden covers his face with his glove
Jaden has an interesting way to "cover" 3rd!

And now he sits on the base!!!  Makes a parent proud!

Game 3 and Nicholas joins the team.  He looks ready for anything.
Nicholas is trying to figure out Jaden's strategy.  He has moved positions, but still covers his face...

At least the gloves are out when the ball comes at them. 

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