Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother’s Day Weekend

What a blessed weekend we had!! We celebrated Ken's birthday on Thursday night. The kids have been begging us to get a babysitter, so it was perfect time for a date night. We tried a Greek restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel. It's strange to eat out at the hotel restaurants, but if you want a beer or glass of wine with your meal, it's the only option here. I had to take a picture of Ken's beer - it was HUGE!!! Happy birthday my love!! After dinner, we walked along the beach and found a bench where we could see the ocean and the Doha skyline, it was a lovely night.

Our compound held a garage sale on Friday morning, so after we got home from church, I wandered around and picked up a few things. The boys favorite is the new bouncy water slide for the back yard. We set it up right away and they had a blast!!!


Then on Saturday, we celebrated Mother's Day by going to the Ritz for traditional afternoon English tea. The boys wanted to get dressed up for the occasion -- Jaden put together a rather handsome look. Nicholas cracked me up - he wore a tie with his shorts and crocs!! We had a great time - the boys loved the three tiered tray of little sandwiches, desserts, scones, and fruit. The china was beautiful - and we poured sprite into tea cups for the boys. It was a perfect Mother's Day treat!!

Mother's Day at the Ritz

Setting the table for traditional English tea

A serious game of "Sponge Bob" after our tea. Nicholas will make a great poker player ... sunglasses and all!!

No idea what the rules are for this "game," but you have to keep your eye on Jaden. He changes the rules on every play to ensure he wins. He has to be careful though - Nicholas is starting to catch on!

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