Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Nicholas!

Our sweet baby boy turned four today!!  What a blessing he is to our family!! 

Ms. Ida, the wonderful lady that helps clean our house, surprised us with this beautiful and delicious strawberry cake for Nicholas!

Nicholas had a rough start to his birthday, but all things considered, it turned out far better than I expected!  He was so excited about his birthday last night that he woke up at midnight and never went back to sleep.  He kept wandering back and forth between our bed and his bed, sometimes alone, sometimes dragging Ken, sometimes dragging me.  Always kicking us back out after a few minutes (he doesn't like to share a bed).  Needless to say, it was a long night for everyone.

Of course, he fell asleep in his car seat on the way to school. I dropped off one exhausted little boy this morning.  I came back at lunchtime with cupcakes for his class and was surprised to see how alert he was. Pretty amazing considering he got no sleep last night!

Nicholas sound asleep upon arrival at school at 8am - It's hard work turning 4!!

Sharing cupcakes with his class at school!

So excited to turn four!

He took a long nap after school and then we were off to our first soccer practice. I thought the soccer club in Pearland was great, but this is truly amazing!! They had so much fun!!! The (paid) coaches were AWESOME!!! They had so many games and drills and activities ... they really kept things moving. The boys loved it!!!  I'll have to get some better pictures next week.

Nicholas' soccer team line up for next activity.

Jaden in action with his team in the gym next door to Nicholas. 
This momma was running back and forth to watch them both!

After soccer practice, I let Nicholas pick a restaurant for dinner. Ended up at McDonald's ... Boo! :-(  But at least the McD's here have veggie burgers!  The boys had a blast playing on the indoor playground before heading home.

We're planning a little bday party for Nicholas this weekend with some of his new friends here. Will post pictures next week.

Oh and a quick bus update ... Jaden had so much fun on the school bus on Sunday that he begged me to let him ride it every day!!!  He acted as if he was never scared ... he seems to have no memory of his little panic attack last week.  I'm ever so grateful he rides everyday now!!!  It reduced my morning commute from ~2 hrs down to less than 45 minutes!!

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