Friday, September 4, 2015

North Vietnam - Ha Long Bay

By far, our favorite stop in Vietnam was Ha Long Bay.  It was amazingly beautiful and the boat was stunning!!!!  Somehow they mixed up our reservation on a 3 star boat and we boarded a 5 star luxury boat!!!  Unfortunately we only had 1 night on the boat.  It was awesome!!!
rice fields along the way to Ha Long Bay
We stopped at an embroidery shop along the way ... fascinating to watch this artwork! 
Leaving the harbor on a tender boat to take us to Dragon Legend

Father and son

Dragon Legend

Exploring the beautiful boat.  Doans enjoying their luxurious room
Cute little dolls in the window ... lovely view outside!
Checking out the front of the ship
Amazing landscape!!!  And the ocean breeze meant it wasn't too hot!!!  Brilliant!!!
Food was amazing on board the ship.  It took nearly 3 hours to serve the 6 course lunch upon arriving.

Boys got bored before lunch was over and hit the "pool" (more like giant bathtub, but they had fun!)

 I was blown away by the scenery of Ha Long Bay and took a TON of pictures.  It was just so beautiful!!!

It's hard to pick a favorite, but this one definitely captures the colors best

playing with the panoramic setting




Beautiful pinks as the sun begins to set


Love the silhouette too!
 I was most fascinated by the life of the local boat villages all throughout Ha Long Bay.  These people live on these boats ... fish in these waters and trade for other food and supplies needed to live on the water.  Tons of kids out on these boats!!  Do they go to school?  Do they ever leave the boat??  Talk about a completely different way of life!
one of many boat villages

I remember this one specifically with all the children running around waving at our boat as we passed by

After lunch, we took the tender boat to do some kayaking.  (The Doans stayed on the tender for a little tour while Ken, the boys and I went on kayaks)

Nicholas and I teamed up while Jaden went with Ken.  Boys first time in kayaks

Amazing scenery for a first kayaking trip!

Jaden was a rock star at kayaking!

Open water ... Nicholas and I on the right

Doan family on first kayaking expedition!  :-)

Ken and Jaden looking good!

Taking a rest


Fishing for squid before bed (unfortunately no one caught any)
The following morning, we stopped at a private man made beach to explore.  There was a cave and kayaking as well as the beach to enjoy.

Does life get any better than this?  Amazing beach in Ha Long Bay

boys are ready to explore

Love my family!

This might be another favorite picture from Ha Long Bay.  Taken along the hike up to a cave.

heading into the cave

people used to live in these caves

so beautiful!
 After the cave exploration, we got back on the kayaks.  This time, Jaden went solo and Mr Doan got on a kayak (his first time!!!!)  What a fun day!!!

First time on a kayak at 77 years old

He was a natural in the kayak
We were all sad to leave the amazing boat and the beautiful landscape of Ha Long Bay. 

Boys with the cruise boat leaders

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