Sunday, June 28, 2015

Year End Activities - Going away party for the Prince family

While there is much to celebrate at the end of the school year, it was a bittersweet time for us as we had to say goodbye to several dear friends in Doha...seems like a lot of people packed up to leave Doha for good this year.  :-(  We had to say good bye to too many people this year! 

One family was especially hard for us to say good bye ...our entire family adores the Prince family and no one wants to see them go!!!  Their kids have become great friends to Jaden and Nicholas ... Melissa has been an amazing friend to me ... and Ken even bonded with Dan through cub scouts this year!

Before they left, we hosted a little good bye party for them and thanks to Kasia and her Jimmy Fallon games, it was THE BEST TIME!!!  Why did we wait until a good bye party before we threw a gathering like this???  Shame on us!!

Kasia and Melissa were appalled that I barely know who Jimmy Fallon is, but they still love me.  I don't remember the name of this game, but Kasia had random things in boxes and one person peeked inside and then told their opponent what was in the box.  The opponent had to decide if they were telling the truth or a lie.  We learned that neither Melissa nor Dan are very good liars!  :-)

Melissa peeks in the box with George and Ben looking in

Kids turn to play ... George vs. Ben
 Next game was Pictionary...everyone got a turn ...
Liam getting ready to draw for his team
Nicholas' turn

Sam's turn

My turn!

Everyone is focused on Lisa's turn

Ken's turn

The last game was by far the crowd pleaser!!  Kasia boiled 4 out of 12 eggs, then she and Melissa took turns picking an egg and smashing it on their forehead.  First person to have 2 eggs crack on their head loses.  HILARIOUS!!!

Melissa chooses an egg...

Kasia was the first to crack one on her head!  See it spray!!!

Melissa cracks one on her head
Video clip of Melissa cracking one on her head:
Kasia was SO SURE her egg was a safe choice!!  Hilarious clip when she was wrong and Melissa wins the game!

Melissa and Kasia after the game

Joann, Kasia, Melissa, Lisa, and Laura ... we didn't line up in height order on purpose!!!
Lisa and Joann

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