Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Catching up - Part 2 - soccer, swim meet, and Holi

Jaden and Nicholas have enjoyed another season of soccer this year. 
Jaden smiles for the camera

Nicholas was quite the defender this week.  He stopped / stole the ball from the other team several times during the game.  Of course the uniforms are so similar, the picture looks like he stole the ball from his own team mate, but that wasn't the case.  :-)

Nicholas going after the ball

Nicholas' team photo ... Nicholas is front row on the far left

This picture doesn't even look like Jaden to me ... he was running so fast, his face looks all wind blown

Jaden's team picture ... Jaden is front row second from the right
The boys' school hosted a swim meet last week, but neither of them wanted to enter.  I even got an email from their PE teacher identifying them as strong swimmers and encouraging them to enter, but they still didn't want to.  I tried and tried to convince them with several tactics.  In the end, I signed them both up for 5 races and insisted Jaden try and let Nicholas make his own mind.  Nicholas was adamant he was NOT going to compete and purposely left his swim gear at home.  I took it to school just in case he changed his mind and was super proud of him for competing!!!  (All his choice).  He only swam 2 of the 5 races, but that's okay by me!  He swam 25m freestyle and 25m breaststroke.  He didn't place, but I was super proud of him for being brave enough to enter the competition.
Nicholas swims 25m breaststroke

Nicholas biting his nails before his 25m freestyle race (red & blue stripe shorts)

That's Nicholas in the 2nd lane from the bottom... 25m freestyle

All wrapped up with his towel after his race ... watching Jaden

And I couldn't have been more impressed with Jaden!  I thought he was a decent swimmer, but his lessons are one on one and he's never had an opportunity to race against kids his own age, so I wasn't sure how he really stacked up.  Apparently not so bad.  He tied for 1st in his heat in the 25m freestyle and the 25m backstroke (both were photo finishes), then he took 1st in his heat in the 50m freestyle, 1st in his heat in the 50m backstroke, and 3rd in his heat in the 50m breaststroke.  He was one exhausted kiddo by the end of 5 races, but he did FANTASTIC!!  There were stronger swimmers in the other heats, but he still tied for 2nd place overall in his age group.  Way to go Jaden!!!  And to think he didn't want to compete because he didn't think he was any good!!!  This was a great boost to his confidence and I hope he continues to swim.

And I forgot to mention that Jaden did that well without diving into the pool.  He pushed off the wall on every race while all the other kids dove into the pool faster than him.  I asked him why afterward and I forgot he used his goggles at the color run and had them super loose.  He said they fell off when he tried to dive in, so he couldn't dive.  I don't think he would have done any better than 2nd place overall, but his times may have been a bit faster on each race. 

Jaden battling out the freestyle in the top lane ... against one of his best friends Carl

Jaden with a comfortable lead in the 25m backstroke

Jaden sits on the edge of the pool waiting for the whistle

Jaden in the 50m breast stroke
Jaden with a comfortable lead in the 50m backstroke
 Last weekend was the Indian holiday Holi -- a celebration of color.  Jaden had a birthday party to go to and Ken was his taxi, but Nicholas and I were able to enjoy the party.  Nicholas wasn't so sure about the colors at first, so I let him draw all over my face.  He chose to play tic tac toe on my forehead.  Then lots of friends showed up and we all had a great time.  Eventually Nicholas even let me draw a mustache on him!  :-)
First arriving at the Holi party and Nicholas drew all over my face
With friends at the party


Nicholas and his mustache.  :-)


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