Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer in the States - Ben's Wedding

The boys were excited to be a part of my cousin Ben's wedding this summer.  When I was about Jaden's age, I remember being a flower girl in his mom's (my Aunt's) wedding and now they will forever remember being in their wedding.  And what a wedding it was!!!  Such a beautiful couple!!!  Every moment of the ceremony and the reception was a testimony not just of their love and commitment to one another, but to the Lord.  We were most honored to be a part of their special day!

Boys ready to be ring bearers

Ken trying to be artistic ... playing around with our new camers

What cuties!  Jaden and Nicholas were the ring bearers and their cousin Makayla was the flower girl! 

This picture captures the fun and silly side of my cousin Ben and his beautiful bride Kathleen
Love the expressions Ken captured with our new camera
One happy bride and groom!
I've learned not to get frustrated trying to get a good picture of the boys anymore.  I've come to love all of Nicholas' silly faces that I end up with 5 hilarious pictures instead of one sweet one.

At least he knows when we've had enough and he gives us a sweet smile in the end!

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