Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nicholas' 5th Birthday

Nicholas wanted a Ninja themed birthday party, so we started with Ninja cookies in his classroom on Wednesday (his actual birthday)...
Nicholas was working hard in his writing center when I arrived for his birthday
Nicholas' teacher (Mrs. Garber) showing the class pictures of Nicholas from birth through age 5.
Happy boy!
Typical Nicholas - always with a silly face!
Ninja cookies to share with the class.
Happy to share cookies with his friends.
Jaden gave Nicholas dual Ninja swords with backpack!
Playing ninja
Party invitation that went out to Nicholas' class and some friends on the compound

Ninja cake ready for the party!
The boys were a huge help getting the party room set up for the big bash!!
Balloon battle zone ... use pool noodle swords to bash the balloons!
Ninja masks for all the kids
Basket of swords for the kids - by far the most popular item at the party!

Origami Chinese stars to color and then throw through the hula hoops
Pin the beard on Sensei Wu!  Jaden's beard was a little high...

Nicholas got the beard at the right height, but a little off center! 
Party room ready to go! 
We made up some Japanese style tables - low to the ground with pillows to sit on and hung some paper lanterns from the ceiling.
 Once the kids arrived, chaos ensued!!!  Jaden and Nicholas' karate sensei was supposed to come and give a mini karate class, but he never showed up.  :-(  Jaden and Nicholas were a little sad, but no one else was the wiser.  All the kids seemed to have fun even without the karate lesson!
Singing happy birthday.

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