Sunday, September 22, 2013

Picture update

I haven't posted pictures in a while, so thought I'd dump a bunch of random pictures from recent days ...

Jaden and Nicholas were the only 2 students at the first karate class this year!  It was a fantastic private lesson, although I think Sensei is happier that there are now more paying children.  :-) 

After our last boating trip with the Bondurants (where we flipped over in the raft and scared the boys half to death), I wasn't sure they would get back on the raft.  I was bursting with pride when they both wanted to climb back into the raft!  They didn't want to go fast, so Frank was kind enough to take us on a very gentle ride for the boys.

Brave little boys climbing back in the raft

Frank wasn't so slow for the rest of the group.  I stayed on the boat with the boys while Ken climbed in for several wild rides!
Towing back to the beach ... boys went for a second slow ride.
Kneeboarding together


Jaden looking calm, cool, and collected


Ken making it all look easy

Still trying to master getting over the wake!

Playing at the beach ... Jaden is standing and "surfing" on one of the kneeboards.  The water is so calm there weren't any waves to surf, but the boys loved having Ken pull them around.

Show and tell day at school.  Nicholas took his favorite book "Moustronaut" written by a real live Astronaut.
It's about the smallest mouse being the hardest worker and bravest mouse and the hero of the mission.  No wonder my "smallest mouse" like it so much!

Jaden had pirate day the same day.  I should have brought the camera to the bus stop at the end of the day.  It was a dramatic before and after.  Poor kid has hotter than all get out!!  It's tough wearing a polyester and velvet costume in 110 heat!!  (I packed him shorts and t-shirt if he got too hot, but he didn't want to change.)

Brotherly love

It's been a while since we've seen superheros around our house...

Are these guys cute or what?!

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