Sunday, January 27, 2013

Drag races

After church on Friday morning, we went to check out the drag races.  We weren't sure what to expect, so we packed some snacks and headed to the race track.  Turns out it was completely free!!  We were maybe the 4th car in the lot and had the stands nearly all to ourselves!!  We watched motorcycles, street cars, and dragsters.  We saw cars blow their engines, nearly crash into the side wall, and parachutes open at the end of the track.  Cars and bikes were from Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi, and even a few from the US.  I've never been to drag races before and must admit, it was pretty fun to watch!!  The boys are a bit sensitive to loud noises and wore their hearing protection off and on, but they loved it!  After a few hours, it wasn't holding their interest anymore and the stands were starting to fill up, so we made our exit.  All in all, a great afternoon ... and again, totally free!!

Dragsters ready to race

Having fun at the drag races!

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