Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jaden's Art Sale

My budding entrepreneur decided to have his first ever art sale this week...

It all started when he tried to sell me a picture of a flower for 500QAR!!  That's about $140!  I tried to explain that it was too much money, but he wouldn't listen.  He tried to sell his 500riyal picture to Ken, but got the same response.  Nicholas was willing to buy it, but he didn't have enough money.

So then Jaden draws another picture and drops his price to 112riyal.  At first I thought it was a very odd number to price his picture.  It's not exactly a round number, but then I find out Nicholas had exactly 112 riyal in his wallet.  Coincidence?  I think not!!!

Nicholas was gullible enough to agree, but I wouldn't allow Jaden to steal his brothers money!!  Instead we talked about an art sale and how he could sell his creations for 1 riyal each (that's about 30 cents).  To sweeten the deal, I included free chocolate chip cookies with every purchase.

Jaden was so excited!!  He drew 5 pictures, made a sign, set up a table on the front porch and was ready to go!  I provided the cookies and Nicholas ran up and down our street yelling, "Art for Sale!  Art for Sale!"  It was definitely a team effort!!  And thanks to the amazing teenagers at our compound, we sold all 5 pictures in 45 minutes!!  He was so proud of himself!! 

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